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Recently, in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the Supreme Court overruled Roe v. Wade, authorizing states to criminalize abortion. In Wisconsin, this set into effect a law dating back to the mid 1800's criminalizing abortion by anyone except the mother.


WACDL does not take a position on abortion, and individual WACDL members differ on their personal views concerning abortion and whether or not or under what circumstances it should be available. WACDL, however, opposes laws that exacerbate the human toll of overcriminalization and mass incarceration. As such, WACDL calls on the Wisconsin State Legislature to repeal all criminal penalties concerning abortion.


We urge the legislature to act promptly in this regard. Doctors in states such as Wisconsin are afraid to properly treat their patients and the potential for prosecution for providing medical care. There is great concern that law enforcement may seek search warrants for private electronic communications and medical records. Since abortion in Wisconsin is now unlawful, clinics have been closed. Civil remedies are adequate to ensure their closure and the threat of incarceration is not required; thus, the laws that provide incarceration penalties for abortion should be repealed.

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