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WACDL Trial College 2020

Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers








February 28, 2020 - Voir Dire

April 10, 2020 - Opening Statements

September 11, 2020 - Cross Examination

October 9, 2020 - Closing Statements



Location for all sessions:

Madison College

Madison, Wisconsin


About the Trial Skills College


The Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers is pleased to again present the WACDL Trial Skills College.  This is not a program filled with lectures. Instead, this will be an opportunity for participating criminal defense lawyers to get real practice, on your feet, and receive immediate feedback. This is not a program filled with lectures.


All sessions will be held at Madison College, using the mock courtroom. The sessions will use different formats: some will have a live jury, There will be a presiding judge, and mock “witnesses”. Realistic fact situations will be used; the “cases” will present challenging facts that reflect the more difficult situations you face in your practices.


The four sessions will include Voir Dire & Jury Selection, Opening Statements, Cross Examination, and Closing Statements. Attorney Steve Lucareli is the “Dean” of the college; the experienced and knowledgeable faculty include Steve, Attorneys Jessa Nicholson Goetz and Nicholas Gansner and other experienced criminal defense trial lawyers


Each program will ear 6.5 to 7.5 CLE credits.  The discounted package tuition if you sign up for all four sessions is only $440.00. You may register for selected individual sessions for $125.00/session.


Different fact scenarios will be used in different sessions. Up to six of the participants will represent the state’s case, and up to six of the other participants will represent the defendant.  Some of the scenarios may be presented twice.  Time permitting, every effort will be made to ensure that all twelve participants get the opportunity to actively present and receive direct feedback from the instructors, the judge, the jurors and their colleagues. Participants who are not actively presenting their case will participate in strategy sessions and offer feedback/peer review after each of the case scenario sessions.


Participation in each program will be limited to the first twelve attorneys who register, and we will keep a waiting list in case a registrant has to withdraw. 


Here is the schedule:


Voir Dire, Jury Selection – February 28, 2020

Opening Statements - April 10, 2020

Cross Examination - September 11, 2020

Closing Statements - October 9, 2020


Although these programs are suitable for attorneys with all levels of trial experience, they are aimed primarily at those who have had at least five jury trials.  Defense lawyers who have attended these sessions last year rated the programs very highly. 


These sessions present opportunity to practice your skills…really practice…in a supportive and learning environment. And you will have the option of having your practice recorded on video so that you will have an opportunity to view and critique your performance.


Enrollment in the WACDL Trial Skills College is limited. Sign up today at


“Learning a Better Way to Conduct a Voir Dire by Actually Conducting a Voir Dire.”


“Has your jury selection technique ever left you feeling like you were playing “pin the tail on the donkey”?  Criminal trials involve living, breathing human beings.  Understanding how best to communicate with potential jurors in order to assure the fairest trial and most positive result for your clients is critical.


“The WACDL Trial Skills College  is an invaluable, unique opportunity to improve your voir dire skills without risking your client’s future.  The ability to share thoughts about the voir dire skills of other participants also provides valuable insight.  The keen observations offered by Attorney Steve Lucareli will challenge your prior views and provide you with a new, creative, more successful approach to jury selection.


“Simply put, you can’t afford not to participate in this combination of skill enhancement together with positive critiques, all at an incredibly reasonable cost.  Do yourself a huge favor.  Sign up today.” – Attorney Charles Blumenfield


This is a rare opportunity to practice your skills and receive objective feedback from a jury and your peers.








The quickest and most efficient way to register for this seminar, both for you and for WACDL, is to sign up on line. Sign in to Alternatively, complete the form and mail to the address shown. 


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WACDL Member: Package of Four Sessions $450.00 _______

Voir Dire/Jury Selection   $125.00 _______

Opening Statements          $125.00_______

Cross-Examination           $125.00 _______

Closing Arguments           $125.00 _______


Tuition enclosed: $ ______________ Tuition includes lunch.


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Monona, WI 53716

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