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Defending the Accused: The Fundamentals of Criminal Defense - Video Subscription

Fall Schedule Announced - Sentencing, Ethical Issues, and more.


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WACDL is announcing its fall schedule for our online training series Defending the Accused.


The fall schedule is a continuation of our comprehensive online criminal defense training program: Defending the Accused: The Fundamentals of Criminal Defense. Every criminal defense practitioner can benefit from this cutting-edge program which is the first of its kind.  It is intended as a comprehensive guide for new attorneys on how to handle a variety of issues we may run into on a daily basis with clients and as a refresher for experienced attorneys.


Registration is restricted to criminal defense lawyers. Judges, full and part-time prosecutors, law students, and members of the general public may not register.


 You can choose to either watch "live" as the individual sessions occur over Zoom or on video replay at a time of your choosing.  Each new session will be available every Friday at noon from September 10 to December 17 (excluding November 26, the day after Thanksgiving.  Each session will be available on-demand via video on the WACDL website.We anticipate receiving over 30 CLE credits for the program and written materials will be available for each session via the website. 


Registrants will also be able to view all the programs presented in the winter and spring, 2021 which are listed below.


This comprehensive program will be available for the low price of $199 for the entire year; or $149 for WACDL members. Not a member?  Save $50 - Use the box above to sign up for the program and join WACDL. 


NOTE: If you are already a member of WACDL you must first sign in to the website and then register. After you are registered you will receive additional information on how to access each presentation.


Here is the fall schedule:



September 10

Working  with Sentencing Mitigation Specialists - 75 minutes total- Yulonda Anderson & Arial Rosenberg


September 17

Negotiations- 50 minutes - Kate Drury 

September 24

Discussing Plea Offers with Clients - Calvin Malone 


October 1

How to Talk so a Judge will Listen - 50 minutes- Honorable Mario White 


October 8

When you think the judge is biased/ sentencing objections/plea withdrawals/Calculating sentence credit- 20  minutes - Jeremy Newman & Colleen Marion


October 15

Race and sentencing- 75 minutes Toni Young


October 22

Preparing your client for allocution- 15 minutes- May Lee 

Sentencing Advocacy - 50 minutes  Edgar Lin 


October 29

Treatment Courts - Tracy Lencioni, Dawn Rablin, Katherine Cook


November 12

Immigration Issues-  60 minutes Crystal Vera 


November 19

Preserving Appellate Issues and trial counsel’s responsibility after conviction- 50 minutes -Chris Zachar



December 3

Common Ethical Issues-  Vicki Jobling


December 10

Ethics and Investigation/social media investigation - Deja Vishny


December 17

Setting Fees and fee agreements- Panel moderated by Aaron Nelson. Michael Covey  Michael Cohen   Katie Bosworth




Five major topics were presented online between January 15-May 28 with subtopics in each for a total of over 40 sessions.  Thereafter each session will be available on the WACDL website for the video replay.


The following programs have been presented:




January 15

Using EBDM to argue bail - 15 minutes: Samantha Richie

Common bail issues and how to overcome them - 15 minutes: Corey Mehlos 

Motions to dismiss complaints - 20 minutes: Colleen Taylor 


January 22

Preliminary Hearings - 20 minutes: Colleen Taylor 

Investigators & Basic Discovery - 50 minutes: Ashley Morse 


January 29

In depth client interviews - 50 minutes: Peter Middleton 




February 5

Discovery, Motions to Compel & Reciprocal Discovery - 50 minutes: Andrew Martinez 

Marsy's Law & Discovery - 25 minutes: Ryan Reid  


February 12

How to draft effective 4th A suppression motions - 15 minutes: Gaby Leija 

Crossing a cop at a suppression hearing - 30 minutes: Murali Jasti

Litigating motions to suppress confessions - 30 minutes:  Deja Vishny




February 19

Making and Meeting objections - 15 minutes: Aaron Nelson

Fighting the Admission of Other crimes evidence - 40 minutes: Aneeq Ahmad 


February 26 

The law of hearsay and confrontation - 30 minutes: Craig Albee

Overview of Challenging Forensic Science in the Courtroom - 30 minutes: Skye Boggio


March 5 

How to prepare for trial -  60 minutes:  Guy Cardamone, Jessa Nicholson, Richard Jones


March 12 

Fighting  racial bias in the courtroom - 50 minutes: Darrin Crawford 

How to subpoena an out of state witness - 15 minutes: Mackenzie Renner





March 19

OWI basics- the law and sentencing - 60 minutes: Amanda Riek & Paul Crawford 


March 26

OWI basics- challenging field sobriety tests - 60 minutes: Adam Nero 


April 9 

Litigating Domestic Violence cases - 50 minutes: Amanda Parent 


April  16 

A to Z of Sexual Assault Cases with consent defense - 50 minutes: Kathy Stilling 


April 23 

Consequences in Sexual Assault cases - 30 minutes: Rebecca Coffee 

Defending Child Abuse cases - 50 minutes: Travis Schwantes


April 30 

Defending Child Porn cases -  50 minutes: Matthew Krische 


May 7

Cell phone evidence - 30 minutes: Casey Hoff

Medical Issues in Criminal Defense - 45 minutes: Darrin Crawford, M.D. 




May 14

Raising and Litigating Competency - 75 minutes: Payal Khandhar 

May 21 

The NGI defense - 50 minutes: Tony Cotton 


More sessions are planned for starting in September. Check back for updates.

If you have questions about registration and availability please contact WACDL Executive Director Peter McKeever at crimlaw@wacdl.com.



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