From Aaron Nelson, WACDL President:

WACDL formed a committee to propose rules and/or guidelines for the WACDL Listserve.

I expect those rules and/or guidelines to be presented, discussed and hopefully approved at the next WACDL board meeting in July.

While I agree with suggestions to keep posts relevant, let’s remember just how low the bar is when seeking to admit relevant evidence. I expect the proposed guidelines will prohibit outright campaigning, but otherwise it is unlikely there will be any limitations regarding “political” posts. In my humble opinion, everything we do as lawyers involved in the criminal punishment system is part of a political system. Under this admittedly very simplistic analysis, it’s all political. The only alternative, I can think of is for us to appoint a gatekeeper to make decisions about what is or is not “political.” I for one do not think we want or need a gatekeeper to potentially limit the topics of discussion only to save a few members a couple of seconds rather than those few hitting the delete button. So, until the committee/board establish guidelines, what we discuss on this Listserve is largely wide open.

How we discuss matters is different. I expect the guidelines will place limits on how we go about having all these relevant discussions. It will be detailed, and it will likely include not only suggestions that we be kind, patient and willing to ignore/delete emails that we do not find interesting or helpful, but also that emails not be obscene, threatening, or defamatory, and that emails not include any offensive or disparaging content based upon race, color, gender, religion, sexual-preference, body shape/size, personal appearance, etc. I could go on, but instead I will leave it in the hands of the committee to see what they propose and then how the board decides. If you have suggestions please send them to me @ and I will be sure they get to the Listserve committee.

In the meantime, I humbly ask and encourage everyone to be professional and respectful to others when posting and/or responding.


Aaron Nelson

WACDL president.

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