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The 2023 Annual Conference Agenda is now available - join us April 20 & 21st in Madison, Wisconsin!  
The Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers is pleased to once again present its Annual President's Conference and Seminar designed specifically for criminal defense...
NOTICE OF PROPOSED AMENDMENT TO BYLAWS WISCONSIN ASSOCIATION OF CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEYS   At the December 10, 2022, Semi-Annual meeting of the Wisconsin Association of Criminal...
The Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers is pleased to once again present its Annual Ethics Seminardesigned specifically for criminal defense lawyers and offering 3 ETHICS...
One of the most important things we can do as a community of criminal defense lawyers is recognize and honor our colleagues for their expertise, commitment, and dedication to the cause....

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Following Johnson v. United States, the 7th Circuit held that the crime of violence definition in 18 USC 16(b) is unconstitutionally void for vagueness: http://media.ca7....
Dear Group: Having just seen an ad for my book with 20% off this week, I am now reminded that the State Bar asked me to forward the attached press release about the book....
Group: Does anyone have an e-mail contact of an Illinois defense attorney who belongs to ICDLA? I need an Illinois criminal defense attorney to do me a solid: I want to show...

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