New List WACDL List Serves Announced

Beginning Monday, September 28, WACDL will have two new listserves; both will be integrated with our website,  The purpose of this email is to give you a heads up and to ask for your assistance.  This list will no longer be available or active.


All members will automatically be subscribed to the new list.


Among the issues that motivated us to upgrade our website,, was a desire to take the listserve off the State Bar’s server to heighten security, make it possible to attach larger documents, get out from under the State Bar’s censorship rules, and make the list easer to administer by integrating it with the website.  This means, among other things, that if you have not paid your dues you will automatically be removed from the listserve after a reasonable grace period.


If you have not paid your dues for 2015-2016, let this serve as a reminder to do so.


The new address for posting messages will be


In order to use the listserve, the user must have a unique email address and must be subscribed to the list. In other words, in order to send to the list you must be on the list.  In order to receive notifications of new content or comments, the user needs to be part of the list and must have his or her mailing list setting on the website set to receive emails.


Messages will appear in your mail box as they do now. In addition, when logged in to the website you will be able to view, create and reply to messages at


When we go live there will be a listserve display on your “member dashboard” on the website; access requires that you sign in to the website. You will find mailing list settings there. You will need to go to the website to set your email settings. That will not be possible until that display is activated on Monday.


To be clear: you will not have to go to the website to send or receive listserve messages, but if you are not subscribed to  the listserve you will not be able to send or receive messages, either via your email as you do now or via the website.  You will soon be removed from the website if you have not paid your dues. 


All WACDL members will automatically be subscribed to the Wisconsin listserve.  If you do not want to receive listserve messages, you will be able to unsubscribe if you wish, and you will be able to re-subscribe at any time, as long as you are an active and paid-up member of WACDL.  Going on a trip to the South Seas for three weeks? Unsubscribe, and re-subscribe when you return.


Federal Practice Listserve: We will also activate a second listserve, for those who practice in federal court,   We have had a federal practice list for many years, but it has received very little traffic.  Those WACDL members who wish to subscribe to this list will be able to do so at their option; we will not automatically put all WACDL members on this list.  WE are hoping it will become more useful and active.


Some of you currently receive listserve messages at two different email addresses.  That option will not immediately be available; we are working to see if we can make it available in the future.


If in the future you change your email it will automatically also change on the listserve.  That has not been the case heretofore.


After we make the switch the old listserve (i.e., this one) will not be available.


It is not possible to transfer the archived messages from the current list to the new website; the State Bar system does not have an export function. I am in discussion with the State Bar about how to continue to provide access to the archives for some period of time.


Finally, three requests:


  1. Sign in to the website and take a few minutes to complete your profile.  That can create links to your own website, inform our “Find a Lawyer” tool, and help make WACDL more effective in the State Capitol.  If you cannot sign in because your user name and password have changed,  try the “forget your password?” tool first.  If that fails, contact me at


  1. Pay your dues if you have not done so.  Approximately 100 members still have not paid; you know who you are, and so does the website.


  1. Be patient. I expect that we will have some glitches, bugs and problems with the switchover to the new listserve.  You can help identify those, and suggest improvements, and we will work to resolve problems as quickly as possible.


Do not try to send messages to the new lists until Monday.


Peter McKeever

Executive Director

Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers