WACDL Has a New Website!

Hello WACDL Members, 


At long last, WACDL has a new website.  The address is the same, www.wacdl.com. but the content is fresher and we hope will be of greater benefit to your practice. Now that the site is launched, we will continue to add new content.


You should be able to log in to the new site using the same user name and password you have been using.


WACDL’s website is also the data base on which we track memberships, dues payments, etc. The new site allows for electronic payments for memberships, renewals, and seminars, as well as products in the WACDL Store.


With the new site there are some housekeeping items that we need your help to complete.  Below are the steps to take once you access the website. 


1.    The first thing you need to do is update your profile.  Click “View my profile” at the top of the website.  From here, click “Edit my profile.”  There is a PDF with instructions on how to do this on the Member Homepagel.  You can download this document when you login to the website (it is located in the text once you login to the website).


2. We have purposely delayed membership renewals for the 2015-2016 membership year until the website was launched and payments could be made electronically. Almost all current members need to renew your memberships (the exception is the few members who are already paid through June 30, 2016). To renew electronically and pay by credit card, login with your username and password and “pay membership dues” on the right hand side of the member dashboard/home. 


3.  If you have not renewed by September 1, you will be removed from our list serve(s), both the Wisconsin criminal law list and the federal criminal law list. Note that the attestation that you are not a prosecutor that all members are required to sign annually has been revised following the recent disclosure of list serve content.


4.  Note that we have not yet activated a new list serve. Our new list serve is integrated into this website, but before we turn it on, we need to have Profiles updated and have worked any bugs out of the new website. We hope to switch the list serve from the State Bar server to the same one as the website in the next two weeks, and will notify you when that happens. There will be a new list serve address, and we will reactivate a second list serve for federal court practitioners..


5.  It is important that you take time to enter your Assembly and Senate districts in your profile.  Use your home address; there are links in the website to help you find your districts if you do not know them. This will greatly enhance our ability to communicate effectively with legislators on matters of concern and interest to the criminal defense bar.


6.  Bear with us as we work any bugs out of the system.  This website represents significant changes in how we do business: electronic payments, renewals and seminar registrations, new list serves,  member profiles, etc. as well as a new attestation that you are not a prosecutor and will maintain the confidentiality of the list serves. There will surely be some hitches. When you find one, or believe something on the website is not accurate, please let me know.


7. Our address for issues associated with your membership and the website is now wacdl@wacdl.com.


Throughout the next couple of months we will be adding new documents and information to the website.


 If you have any questions, please first look at the PDF guide when you sign in.  If this does not answer your question, please fill out the contact form and I will respond as quickly as I can.


Finally, Update Your Profile and Renew Your Membership today!


Thanks for your patience, and for your commitment to the rights of those accused of crimes by the state.


Peter McKeever

Executive Director