WI Crimmigration Book

WI Crimmigration Book

Dear Group:

Having just seen an ad for my book with 20% off this week, I am now
reminded that the State Bar asked me to forward the attached press release
about the book.

The book covers about 80 Wisconsin state offenses. I succinctly explain the
potential immigration consequences of each offense and provide suggested
safe immigration pleas for each offense as well. My book also analyzes the
recent SCOW decisions interpreting Padilla v. Kentucky--Ortiz-Mondragon and

There are also chapters providing a general framework for analyzing
immigration consequences, chapters on post-conviction relief for
noncitizens in Wisconsin and ICE detainers, as well as tips and strategies
on practice management and negotiating immigrant-friendly pleas with

If you are interested in purchasing, but want to ask me any questions
before doing so, do not hesitate to send me an e-mail at davorin@djovisa.com

Best Regards,

PS: Full disclosure, I do not receive any commission on the sales of the
book. I have been compensated with a $75 gift card to Kohl's. I guess it is
a good thing that I do not practice contract law. At any rate, I do see the
book as an indispensable resource for criminal defense lawyers in



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